Eurosong 2010, first quarter final [UPD] Results: Four acts qualified in Slovakia
Florian Grillhofer,, January 22 2010

The first out of six quarter finals of Eurosong 2010, the Slovakian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest, was held tonight. Out of ten competing acts, four participants qualified to the first semi final, to be held on February 14th. The voting system in the quarter finals is 100% televoting. However, starting from the first semi final to be held on February 14th, the element of 50% jury voting will be added, just like in the Eurovision Song Contest.
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Hrdza would like to go abroad…
Igor Petruska, July 28 2006,

During its seven years of existence, the group Hrdza from Presov has built itself a relatively solid place on the local music scene, and now they enjoy a good name beyond the folklore scene as well, from which they originally hailed.

They have already to their credit a great number of concerts performed both home and abroad, around twenty awards from various competitions and festivals (to mention a few the Slovak Porta from two years ago, Coca-Cola internet star 2005, or taking part in the final of U. S. Steel talent night…) and two albums well-received by both the fans and critics alike – “Muzička” from 2002, and the current “Pod Bozimi Oknami” which is being distributed by Universal Music and will hit the record shops any day now. More to follow in a talk we had with vocalist Veronika Rabadova and guitarist, vocalist, song-writer and lyricist Slavo Gibarti.

How were the early days when you `toyed` around with folk music? Did you start out doing your own versions of folk songs, or were you mainly concentrating on your own written repertoire, as inspired by folk music?

Veronika: “As far as I know, Hrdza was focused mostly on its own material from the outset, turning it somewhat toward the folk direction was influenced by Jarka Sisakova – the first singer of the group.

Slavo: “Right. First we started playing our own material. Jarka really wanted us to practice the folk songs as well, though I was somewhat against that. Jarka who comes from a Ruthenian community brought with her some of those old Russian songs which we began to play at concerts. The reaction from the audience was actually quite positive. So that is how we got to the roots, back to the folk creations.”

Your own style beginning to fuse with the folk style over time must have been something you never would have imagined…

Slavo: “No, we didn`t. We just wanted to make our own music and that was it…”

In the creation of Hrdza`s sound there surely was the courage to experiment with the instruments used. On your recordings, apart from the classic instruments like guitars and violins, you can hear djembe, and hautboy on the debut…

Slavo: “At the start we functioned as a duo. As time went on we looked for other players on solo instruments. I would really like to get a fine saxophonist, unfortunately I haven`t yet. I had a friend, a violinist, who I asked whether he wanted to play with us. He tried it out and we were then a trio. Then I wanted to get a percussionist into the band – to have that foundation as they say. By chance I got to know Lukas after one concert, and he played the djembe.”

Early on you were considered to be part of the folklore scene..?

Slavo: “Exactly.”

Apart from the first singer for the group we mentioned, what had the biggest influence as far as the more and more common `flights` into world music?

Slavo: “To a certain extent the audiences themselves.”

You are not the only group from these parts whose production reflects the influence of Slovak folklore music. There are some groups around who go even deeper into that water, some stay closer to the surface and try to simply keep the `folksyness`… You belong in which camp?

Veronika: “Unlike Zuzana Mojzisova for example we only have two songs which I would call `folk`. As I said, much of our creative work is made of up of Songs by Slavo, the lyrics as well. He has read a lot of folk lyrics, and has found some inspiration. If he likes some motif or story he will try to create his own lyric for it but still try to keep hold of the original ideas.”

Slavo: “It has happened that I come up with some text but it doesn`t fit the song I am working on at the moment. So then I make some adjustments until I am satisfied, but I often end up with another lyric this way. Zuzana Mojzisova and Cechomor work with folk songs and wrap them in their own arrangements, whereas we do it `synthetically`, original songs which carry a folk influence.”

In the lyric for the song “Pojdem ja robit do Ameriky” for instance, you can feel the effort to make a quasi-folk lyric, with an archaic feel to it, and yet still somehow be contemporary…

Veronika: “Yes, Slavo would like to make songs with `modern` themes. Sometimes, as you say, the idea is current but the text remains `folksy`.”

Slavo: “I just write how I feel. I don`t know in advance how this or that song will end up when I start. At times I worry about repeating myself in the lyrics and maybe we should find another lyricist.”

As for the sound as a whole, you seem to be closer to Cechomor. And here and there you even show some rock `drive`, much of the singing is done as a duet… Perhaps this is the reason that you, unlike some contemporaries have managed to get backing from a big label…

Slavo: “That`s hard to say. The same holds true for the music and the song texts, we make the music we feel.”

After the debut album you did a lot of concert work, took part in various competitions where you also took home some awards…

Slavo: “We tried to take part in any competition we could. Since we were labeled as folk early on, many of these were at folk or country festivals. These days such festivals often have world music and ethno.”

Do you think it helped that your type of music was `in`?

Slavo: “Yes, to a certain extent, but concert work played the biggest role. Each performance and each festival meant another step forward.”

Judging from the number of competitions you went through I would have to say you are a very ambitious band…

Veronika: “Our participation at those events wasn`t ambition so much as simply wanting to play as much as possible.”

Slavo: “Any one who wants to play a lot will find himself at various competitions. By the way, many of the competitions took place at festivals where the winner had their travel expenses covered, for example. On the other hand, for a young band starting out, the opportunity to play at a festival either home or in the Czech Republic is a great chance to get yourself noticed. Once a group wins that or that award they often get the chance to move into the main program of the festival and then address and even wider audience… Not to mention that then other organizers start to invite you to other festivals and so on…”

Even early on you seemed to be the typical concert group, and many such groups have a problem to transfer their stage energy to the studio… Some solve this by recording together and not individually…

Slavo: “We also tried to have at least the bass, drums, and guitar recorded together, and then add the other instruments later. Unfortunately, in the latest studio this was not technically realistic. It was one of the things I feared: not being able to get the record to sound like us live. In the first album some people were disappointed that it didn`t sound like the show. It lacked some of the energy, the `juice`…”

Veronika: “Some have even suggested we record a DVD.”

In the booklet I noticed the mastering the new work was done by the renowned soundman Samuel Pospisil from Lipany, a man who has been active for several years in the Czech Republic, mixing and mastering albums for many stars…

Veronika: “A big reason that the album sounds the way it does is also due to Roman Soltys, who worked on the mixing and mastering.”

Do you belong among those musicians who enjoy playing around with the new technological conveniences, or are you simply `players` who leave such things to the experts?

Slavo: “We are more `players` (laughs). We don`t have so much experience doing the sound. The fact the Roman and Samo looked after the sound I consider to be lucky. As far as I see they did some real good work.”

The lead off single “Na horach byva” has a real audible Celtic influence…

Slavo: “I thought it sounded pretty Irish too. I guess I have fallen under the spell of that music somewhat, I also studied in Ireland. A lot of our fans seem to feel Slovak folklore in that song though… Just yesterday one person phoned Veronika when he heard that song on the television, he said it should be the new Slovak anthem. There must be something Slovak about it then. When you get the accordion and fiddles together there`s a a taste of Ireland as well.”

Veronika: “That Slovak spirit is also maintained by the beautiful text by Janko Kral, full of archaisms…”

As for preparing folk songs you concentrate in your home Saris region…

Slavo: “The new release is Saris music, the debut had songs from Russia and central Slovakia…”

Have you toyed with the idea of hitting the `terrain` as it were, and getting the songs and lyrics directly from the mouths of those who still remember the music, a demographic which is slowly but surely shrinking…

Slavo: “We haven`t realized such a thing as yet, but it is a dream of mine and I feel we should get into it in the near future. I know a few old collectors like Mr. Lazarik from Lipany and the like. Back when we started I promised I would come for him, I even know his son, but haven`t gotten around to it yet. It is a dream of mine – going through some village and playing some authentic material and maybe even discover something new, something to interest me and the listening audience. The folk songs we play currently I have known for years.”

It just occurred to me… The sound of the group must be due to each of its members having their musical roots spread all around…

Slavo: “That`s right. We all listen to totally different types of music. When we go to a concert we can`t agree on what CD goes on (laughs). We have to take turns and we end up with everything from Jesus Christ Superstar to Anna Maria Jopek…”

Veronika: “That original folk music – Nedvedi or Nohavica – we don`t listen to practically at all, though the music from the film Rok Dabla appealed to me. Our percussionist Lukas is a person with great insight into the ethno scene. Slavo listens to just about anything. Marek the drummer leans toward blues music… But each genre has something which appeals to us all. That varied taste has only had a positive effect on the band. If we only had one or two favorites and keep traveling the same roads our music might lose its color.”

Does the fact that the booklet is in English mean you are looking to bring the music of Hrdza father than the neighboring Czech Republic?

Slavo: “Partially, yes… Initially we wanted to put the album out through Slnko records, we had even agreed with Sina. When she listened to it though, she said the album was for a bigger distributor, that it had great energy and especially sound. The prevailing opinion there was that the band should head abroad. Therefore it`s good to have a translation of the texts, so people understand what we are singing about.”

Where have you performed apart from the Czech Republic?

Veronika: “Apart from the Czech Republic only Poland. We would like to get to some other places now.”

The album is closed by two remixes of the songs “A tam hore dve jablone” and “Na horach byva”. Especially that first number took a completely different direction, Oriental even…

Veronika: “Those remixes were one of the conditions set by the label, so that the songs make it to the radio where different music is played…”

Slavo: “We are aware of the commercial aspects. The label might think the music is great, but it needs some commercial air time.”

What do you think of the remixes?

Slavo: “To tell the truth, I had originally envisioned something totally different (laughs).”

Fine, tell us then when the fans will be able to see and hear you in the near future?

Veronika: “Over the summer we will be playing a lot as always. In two weeks we are off to the Czech Republic to a festival called Zahrada, then we have shows in Piestany, at the Senecke lakes…

Slavo: “Then we have a tour planned for the autumn.”

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22.09.2018 (sobota) 17:00 MňamFest, Bánovce nad Bebravou
22.09.2018 (sobota) 22:00 Festrock - Vysoká nad Kysucou
27.09.2018 (štvrtok) 18:00 Talkshow s hosťami festivalu Prešov číta rád, historická budova DJZ, Prešov
28.09.2018 (piatok) 20:30 Oktoberfest, Velodrom, Prešov
08.12.2018 (sobota) 17:00 Mikulášsky večer, námestie, Ľubochňa

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16.6.2018 - Hrdza v novej košieľočke

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Sezónu 2013 začíname koncertom v reštaurácii Camelot v Košiciach v sobotu 19.1. v rámci otvorenia Európskeho hudobného mesta kultúry. Predstavíme aj zopár nových vecí.

Album Hrdza: Pod božími oknami opäť predaji od 6.6.2012!
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11.7.2012 - Náš fanklub sa rozrášstol o najmladšieho člena - Eliškušš:

4.4.2012 - Hrdza na pódiu opäť v šesťčlennej zostave - pribudol akordeonista - Marián Šurányi!

Veľa zdravíčka a šťastíčka
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Tri ktorékoľvek albumy za 24 €

31.03.2010 vychádza dlho-očakávaná
reedícia albumu Hrdza: Muzička

Opäť zmixované a zremastrované piesne debutového albumu, pôvodne vydané v júni 2002, vychádzajú v papierovom digipack obale so 16 stranovým bookletom. Album si môžete objednať v našom online obchode.

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28.1.2010 - Diskvalifikácia v súťaži Eurosong 2010
Je nám nesmierne ľúto, že ďalej v Eurovízii nepokračujeme. Keďže v súčasnosti neexistuje možnosť prezentácie „inej“ hudby v komerčných médiách okrem Eurovízie, prihlásili sme sa s najchytľavejšou piesňou z nového albumu (Taká sa mi páči), aj napriek tomu, že už bola verejne prezentovaná. Pieseň sme kvôli súťaži upravili na Veroniku, z pôvodne chlapskej záležitosti sa tak stal duet – prekáračka. Pracovníci Slovenskej televízie sa nás snažili udržať v súťaži, ale medzinárodné pravidlá ESC nekompromisne hovoria, že ide o autorskú súťaž, kde pieseň nemohla byť prezentovaná pred 1.10.2009. Dúfame, že vás táto záležitosť neodradí a aj naďalej budete veriť našej hudbe. Srdečne ďakujeme za podporu, Slavomír Gibarti.

24.1.2010 - Hrdza has made it to the Slovak semifinals of 2010 Eurosong! Hrdza won the first out of six quarter finals of the Slovak preselection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest held on 22 January. Hrdza with their song Taka sa mi paci came first with 19,5% of SMS in 100% televoting.
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23.1.2010 - Čo najúprimnejšie Vám všetkým ďakujeme, že ste nám pomohli prebojovať sa do slovenského semifinále Eurovision Song Contest 2010
Ťažko popísať atmosféru, ktorú sme včera zažili - boli sme fakt milo prekvapení. ĎAKUJEMEEEE!.
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Hrdza postúpila na Eurovíziu!
22.1.2010 nás môžete podporiť hlasovaním v prvom štvrťfinálovom kole Eurovision Song Contest 2010 na STV1.
SMSkové číslo našej piesne HRDZA - Taká sa mi páči je 9934 Vypočujte si verziu našej súťažnej piesne
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30.11.2009 vyšla nová Hrdza Hajnajnanyja. Krst sa uskutočnil na koncerte v prešovskom kine Scala 15.12.2009. Album Hajnajnanyja pokrstil Ľuboslav Petruška zo skupiny Chiki liki tu-a skutočnou hrdzou. Okrem krstného otca Ľuboslava a základnej zostavy Hrdze sa na koncerte predstavila aj Ľudová hudba Ondreja Kandráča.

7.11.2009 o 23.15 odvysiela Rádio Vltava náš pražský koncert z klubu XT3 (10.09.) v Hudebním fóru s Ivanou Radechovskou (Etnohrátky).

Takmer 52 minút poctivej slovenskej hudby si budete môcť už asi o mesiac vypočuť na našom treťom albume!

27.10.2009 - Český rozhlas Ostrava dnes odvysiela záznam z nášho ostravského koncertu od 20.00.

13.9.2009 - Morava & Cz Tour 2009
Turné bolo fantastické! Ďakujeme všetkým zainteresovaným za podporu a pomoc, obzvlášť Helenke Macháčkovej z agentúry Solis Art za super organizáciu a nemenej našim speváčkam: Veronike za tri koncerty na šnúre aj napriek neľahkým materským povinnostiam a Tatiane Hicovej za neuveriteľne rýchle zvládnutie celého repertoáru ako aj zžitie sa s nami na pódiu. Najazdili sme cez 3000km!

6. júla 2009 uplynulo 10 rokov od prvej skúšky
zakladajúcich členov budúcej skupiny Hrdza!

HRDZA / Morava & Cz Tour 2009
V období 3. - 13. září 2009 se uskuteční spanilá jízda této špičkové slovenské skupiny po moravských a českých krajích. Místa jsou nyní v jednání, ale dnes již víme, že k vrcholům bude patřit účinkování na Mikulovském vinobraní v sobotu 12.9. Více přineseme brzy.

S Veronikou a Ondrejom Kandráčom na husliach sme odštartovali v Košiciach a Zakopanom novú sezónu s novými piesňami, ktoré výjdu na jeseň. Májové koncerty na Morave budú so zamatovým hlasom Jarky, ktorá so mnou Hrdzu rozbehávala pred 10 rokmi.

O 23.10 sa Hrdza rozrástla o nového člena:
Filip - 3480g, 51cm
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Nejhranější písně na Radiu Proglas za rok 2008:
1. Luboš Pospíšil & 5P: Náš věk (Supraphon)
2. Circus Ponorka: Důstojnosti (RGM)
3. Čechomor: Svatební (Universal)
4. Bratři Ebenové + Jaroslava Kretschmerová (Sony)
5. Bratři Ebenové: Pomník (Sony)
6. Radůza: Ma phuč mandar (Indies MG)
7. Jan Zubryckyj: Pravoslaví (Indies MG)
8. Ivan Hlas: Láska jako oliva (Indies H. Tr.)
9. Jaromír Nohavica: Ty ptáš se mě (vlastní náklad)
10. Dan Bárta: Nejen Ian (Sony)
11. Hrdza: Keď som išiel (Universal)

25 nejhranějších písní na Radiu Proglas v týdnu do 14.12.2008:
1. Jan Zubryckyj & Navolnénoze: Pravoslaví (Indies MG)
2. Xindl X: S lítostí vám oznamujeme (Good Day Records)
3. Hrdza: Keď som išiel (Universal Music)
4. Dareband: Co sis to schovala (vlastní náklad)
5. Chinaski: Hvězdy nad hlavou (Universal Music)

25 nejhranějších písní na Radiu Proglas v týdnu do 20.7.2008:
1. Luboš Pospíšil & 5P: Náš věk (Supraphon)
2. Piánko: Schovka (demo)
3. Čechomor: Byla vojna (Universal)
4. Hrdza: Keď som išiel (Universal)

25 nejhranějších písní na Radiu Proglas v týdnu do 8.6.2008:
1. Luboš Pospíšil & 5P: Azylový dům (Supraphon)
2. Luboš Pospíšil & 5P: Náš věk (Supraphon)
3. Čechomor: Svatební (Universal)
4. Hrdza: Keď som išiel (Universal)

Aj Veronika úspešne nasledovala Lukáša, avšak v polovičnom čase!

Po necelej dekáde pilného a obetavého štúdia Lukáš konečne zoštátnicoval, čo sme aj patrične oslavili, hlavne poniektorí!

Ebéncimjúzik: Chcete CD Komajoty a Hrdze s podpismi zadara?

V galérii pribudli nové obrázky z turné!"

V Kremnici sme odštartovali novú sezónu s novým repertoárom

Veronika Rabadová: Sú rádiá, ktoré nás nikdy nezahrajú
v rozhovore Karola Sudora pre


V. A.: Jarové pesničky: pocta Jarovi Filipovi

Ivan Tásler ako hudobný producent sa rozhodol nanovo vyprodukovať piesne Jara Filipa a nechať ich naspievat súčasným osobnostiam slovenskej hudobnej scény. Náš príspevok nesie názov "Keď som išiel", pieseň pôvodne naspieval Julo Satinský. Nahrávali sme v novembri 2007 v Lipanoch s Romanom Šoltysom.